Covering Russian Pellet market

Since July 2017 Russian Pellet Index agency is a part of Standard Biofuel Company

The agency

Today wood pellets are an established and valuable renewable energy source. By 2015 worldwide production of pellets exceeded 28 mln ton. European Union countries consumption is more than 18 mln ton with growth up to 24 mln ton by 2020.

Within increasing imports to Europe Russia is one the most promising suppliers alongside with US and Canada. Huge wood feedstocks, competitive saw milling industry, location and orientation of wood industry to European production and trading standards makes Russian companies reliable and sustainable suppliers of wood pellets to Europe and Asian markets.

Russian Pellet Index (RPI) is an independent agency which covers Russian pellet market. We use best tools and practices of international commodity information agencies and have deep experience in Russian pellet market. Our goals:

  • Provide transparent and independent export prices for Russian pellets (industrial and residential grades);
  • Cover main industry news and producers;
  • Assisting in  right and profitable decisions for Russian pellets buyers;
  • Be reliable partner and information provider for Russian pellets buyers;
  • Make an impact for development of Green Energy.

Among RPI customers are energy companies, pellet end users, traders and distributors, producers, consultants, scientists and official bodies. We call on global pellet market actors and stakeholders for clear, consistent, harmonized and long term cooperation.

RPI report

We provide monthly report covering Russian pellet export spot prices for industrial and residential grades, market news and comments, transportation costs and upcoming projects. Our team source information directly from Russian pellet producers, traders, distributors, direct buyers and use in market analysis only reliable and approved information. The report is published during first days of current month  and consists of previous trading month data.

The report structure:

  • Market overview;
  • Russian pellet North West export prices at Russian Baltic sea ports:
  • For industrial grade: cargo bulk, bulk in containers and 1 ton big-bags prices;
  • For residential grade: bulk in containers, 1 ton big-bags and 25 kg bags prices;
  • Differential to previous trading month prices;
  • Delivered by sea Russian pellet prices: Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Northern Germany and Italy;
  • Delivered by trucks Russian pellet prices: Finland – Russia border, Latvia – Russia border, Estonia – Russia border and Poland – Belarus border;
  • Market news and commentaries.

We are open for cooperation with all market participants to improve quality and transparency of our report.